Info Dog Show Entry (2024)

1. InfoDog

  • My InfoDog Login

  • InfoDog offers an exclusive database (and search utilities) of current and historical AKC Dog Show

2. OnlineDogShows - Welcome

  • Enter your dogs easy & secure through this website in association with Our Dogs Europe's most famous Media Partner.

3. - Dog Show Schedules & Information

  • Create your own Personal Show List of shows you plan to attend ? Track & Build Majors for your breed(s) in your area ? Get Show Closing Reminders & Entry ...

  • Dog Show Schedule & Information

4. How to Complete an AKC Dog Show Entry Form

5. Conformation Superintendents - American Kennel Club

  • How to Complete an AKC Dog Show Entry Form · How to Get Started Showing Your Dog ... Email: Website: TOP.

  • To superintend events held under American Kennel Club rules, an individual must hold a license from AKC. The following is a list of Licensed who send out information regarding upcoming shows for which they are responsible. You may wish to contact the superintendent and request to be placed on their mailing lists.

6. Rau Dog Shows, LTD.

7. Database Dog List - ShowEntries.Info

  • Searchable list of dogs in the ShowEntries database. Use the global Search: box or individual search boxes at the top of each column.

8. Enter A Show - BaRay Events

  • ENTRY FEES – EACH DAY. INCLUDES AKC FEES WHERE APPLICABLE. Limited to 1200 Dogs Each Show. First Entry of Each Dog, 32. Each Additional Entry of Same Dog, 26.

9. The Kentuckiana Cluster of Dog Shows - Home


  • The Kentuckiana Cluster of Dog Shows has dog competitions for conformation, obedience, rally, agility, barn hunt, dock diving and lots of vendors too.

10. Jack Bradshaw - Dog Show Superintendents

  • Welcome to. Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows! The West's Premium Dog Show Superintendents. Try our online entry service: If you have shown your dog with us, ...

  • Welcome toJack Bradshaw Dog Shows! The West's Premium Dog Show Superintendents. Try our online entry service: If you have shown your dog with us, you can take advantage of our "Autofill" feature. Just type in the AKC number, and the rest of the information will appear on the entry form. You can then enter a show either through email, with a credit card, or by printing the entry and mailing it with a check, or by faxing it to us. No more typing or handwriting each entry! If you have not entered this dog with us, just fill out the form, as usual. Once your dog has been entered in one of our shows, you will be able to use the Autofill function. Give it a try: Enter AKC No. ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATES What time are dogs being judged?: To find out when dogs will be judged at any show, please click on "Shows", choose the show you would like to attend (shows over a weekend will have a listing for each day), and click on "Judging Program". All of the shows at this time are one day shows, so all breeds will be shown each day. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find an alphabetized list of breeds, with rings and times. Schedules are posted about a week before the show. To learn which dog show classes usually offered at our shows, click here. For AKC's description of classes, please click here . What do the markings mean in the catalogs online? Click here for an explanation of the abbreviations and markings. Please clic...

11. Upcoming Shows – Rau Dog Shows, LTD.

  • Rau Dog Shows, LTD. Upcoming Shows · Online Entries · Show Results · Judging ... Dog Shows. Website by Strunk Media. Go to Top.

12. OnlineDogShows

  • ... website in samenwerking met Europa's best gekende Media Partner OUR DOGS. ... 02/08/2024 CAC 42nd Special CAC Sighthound show | at ISTRA DOG SHOW. Slovenia ...

  • Schrijf je honden makkelijk en veilig in via deze website in samenwerking met Europa's best gekende Media Partner OUR DOGS

Info Dog Show Entry (2024)


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