Parking Pass Eku (2024)

1. Home - Parking - Eastern Kentucky University

  • Online Vehicle Registration... · Contact Us · Student Parking FAQ · Parking Types

  • Welcome to Eastern Kentucky University's Parking and Transportation Services. Learn information for parking on campus and get a parking pass.

2. Online Vehicle Registration Procedures - Parking

  • Parking permits cost $165 (or $105 with an EKU license plate) and are valid for the Academic Year. The fee is charged to your student account. You may register ...

  • Find a how-to procedure guide for submitting registering your vehicle to park at Eastern Kentucky University's campus.

3. [PDF] Eastern Kentucky University Parking Map

4. [PDF] Campus Parking Map & Vehicle Parking Regulations

  • For information on obtaining an EKU handicapped permit contact the. EKU Parking Office in Suite A, Mattox Hall, or call (859) 622-7275. A state handicapped.

5. Directions & Parking | EKU Center for the Arts

  • Purchase Reserved Parking Season parking passes are also available by contacting the Box Office at 859.622.7469. ACCESSIBLE PARKING The EKU Center offers ...

  • ADDRESS EKU Center for the Arts Eastern Kentucky University 822 Hall Drive (Google Map) Richmond, KY, 40475

6. 2023 Football Gameday Information - Eastern Kentucky University Athletics

  • 27 aug 2021 · All parking for cars for the 2022 season is FREE OF CHARGE. Select areas require a pass that is part of the benefits of being a Colonel Club ...

  • 2023 Football Gameday Information Catch the excitement in Roy Kidd Stadium this season as the Colonels take the field

7. EKU Parking looking to revamp freshman parking - Eastern Progress

  • 15 apr 2022 · When looking at the parking pass sales compared to the total parking spots, all parking pass types do not surpass the amount of parking spots ...

  • Currently, the Eastern Kentucky University Parking and Transportation Services’ main concern is freshman parking.

8. Game Day Football Information - Eastern Kentucky University Athletics

  • 22 sep 2015 · ... pass may be reserved by calling (859) 622-7128. • General Parking – EKU provides general parking free of charge for the following parking ...

  • Game Day Football Information

9. EKU Center for the Arts Tickets -

  • Box Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.. Lobby doors and Box Office open approximately 90 minutes prior to the announced show time.

  • Find out what's going on at EKU Center for the Arts before you miss out!

10. Breaking it down: NKU parking rates compared to local universities

  • 11 sep 2023 · A parking pass allows students access to any designated student lot or parking garage. Parking in these lots without a permit can be a costly ...

  • Parking on a college campus typically comes with its share of woes, like finding a bright yellow parking ticket on your car’s windshield, as well as victories, like tracking down an open parking spot five minutes before class. All NKU students who bring their cars to campus are required to purchase a parking pass or...

Parking Pass Eku (2024)


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