Testimonials – G and G Marina (2024)

Allen Thomas

Satisfied Marina Customer

Thanks for taking care of me and my boat for the last 10 years, it's been a pleasure doing business with G & G Marina and working with the service desk. Thanks again for your help Allen Thomas

Dave Lachance

Satisfied Marina Customer

Had a good experience dealing with G & G Marina. I was quoted a certain amount of time it would lake to install a new fish finder and a water pressure gauge. My charge would be based on that. Although the mechanic ran into some unforeseen problems and the job took longer than expected, my bill was as promised, what a relief. Both of the mechanics and the clerk were very courtesy and friendly. Turned out to be a good day.

Bradley McMeekan

Satisfied Marina Customer

Larry, the Honda 4 stroke 50hp you put on my pontoon boat has done great. Don't think I will ever use another marine dealer except you. Great job!!! McFarms, Brad & Diana McMeekan

Steve Pierce

Satisfied Marina Customer

Just had my engine repaired at the shop. The first chance I had to put it in the water since its repair was this last Sunday (two days after completion). IT RUNS GREAT! My thanks to Steve and the others in the shop for the quality work and courteous service. Any future service or repair will certainly be at G and G. Lebanon MO

Tome Thorpe & Family

Satisfied Marina Customer

All at G & G Thanks for your help and service and friendship all these years (probably about 37 years)! We will miss the Lake and seeing you all as often as we did. Please tell all at G G - Larrry, Penny, Carol, Steve, Keith and the rest that we have appreciated the overall professionalism and friendship that you have expressed to our family. A special thanks for taking care of the problem with the new trailer - 1st CLASS SERVICE!!!! Thanks again, see you soon.

Diane Gruhn

Satisfied Marina Customer

I just wanted to thank you for the sale of my Cobalt. I have been coming to the Lake for over 40 yeats and have always had great service and help from G & G!! Top Notch!!

Dick & Jeanne Newton

Satisfied Marina Customer

I would like to personally thank you for excellent service you provide to me whenever I have a boat problem. When my boat broke down August 12th you were swamped but still found the time to diagnose and repair my boat the same day so our family could continue our boating on the lake.

Jim Reh

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

I would like to thank Steve in the service department. I recently experienced an idling problem and called for service. Even though service was overbooked Steve agreed to meet me before opening for business on Wednesday July 2nd at 7am and at the dock,he diagnosed the problem and proceeded to replace and repair the part. He is truly a great asset to your operation. He is the main reason we continue to have G & G provide all our boating needs.

Tim Rielly

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

I drove from Jefferson City for motor repairs/adjustments. Steve diagnosed the problem(s) instead of "guessing" and replacing parts that may not need to be replaced as others have done. Excellent service, my compliments. I will recommend G & G to others and will be back. Thanks!

Kevin Harrison

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Pleasant, informative and friendly staff that lets you know exactly what they found.

Mike Burrus

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

When G & G commits to doing the work and schedules for completion, I never worry about it being done well and on time.

Martin Chinnery

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Exceeded expectations, always courteous.

Cletus Whelan

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Service was great. On one of the busiest weekends, G & G made every effort to finish our repairs quickly. I did not expect to have the work completed until monday but they fixed the problem quickly and had me boating again on sunday.

Jeff Blackwell

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Knowledgeable staff and a quick repair. They showed me what was wrong when my boat was being serviced and explained what would happen if it was not repaired in the near future.

Ron Hillme

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Service was completed and boat delivered prior to Memorial Day weekend as promised.

Scott Willis

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Overall experience was excellent. Steve was fantastic to work with and he was very professional.

Mark Lozeron

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Transparency and honesty from Larry and his team. If something isn't working he tells us what is wrong and what the next step is, no smoke and mirrors. Also, we are not from the Lake, so Larry not only took care of the boat repair but also brought the boat back to our dock and covered it as part of the service agreement. There is no price to put on this peace of mind and helpfulness.

Sue Degunia

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

The work is done in a timely manner. I have been a G & G customer for 10 years and have been very satisfied. Thanks to all at G & G.

Ron Galovich

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

The staff is always willing and ready to help.

Tom Spencer

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Your service manager's estimate was right on and he explained all repairs that were made. I was very satisfied with the shop's professionalism.

Jeff Leckliter

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Experienced staff, who also shared some great ideas.

Leonard and Quinetta Rutledge

Satisfied Boat Motor Repair Customer

Dear Larry and Crew, First I must apologize for the timing of this note. I should have sent it months ago! Our purchase of a new Aqua Patio with a 200hp Honda has been a high point in my recent retirement. We have owned several boats, but never a "new" one, and had always been against owning a 'pontoon" as it is the "old" folk's boat. Boy, were we in for a surprise - even our daughter who skies agreed, we had arrived. You can imagine our dismay while on the way to meet friends to have our new boat quit in the middle of the lake at 10:00 AM on a Saturday of the Labor Day weekend and only a week or two after taking delivery. However having gone through Al's school of operator's maintenance, I knew exactly what to do. I pulled the motor cover (imagine doing this in the main channel of the Lake of the Ozarks with 4 foot waves while hanging on to the back of a pontoon) and afer replacing 2 fuses, I knew I could not fix it and it would have to be returned to the shop for repair. While being towed in to our dock I called your shop and confirmed that the boat would have to be returned to the shop for repair. The shop indicated that they would check with Larry to see what could be done. Larry returned a call immediately and had already made arrangements to have Al pick up the boat at a ramp near our dock and trailer it to the shop; again this is during the Labor Day weekend! The shop called around 5:00pm to tell me the boat was ready and they would deliver it on Sunday Morning. I asked if we could pick it up and they agreed to wait. Around 6:00pm on Saturday we arrived and picked up the boat. Sunday evening we loaded up the neighbors and cruised to the fireworks at the Lodge of the Four Seasons. Upon returning I found only a small area of the carpet to be wet - if you have been to the fireworks at night at the Lake of the Ozarks then you know the boat passed in flying colors. From the first time, we met Larry, thru working with Penny, having Carol transport us to the marina, spending a very pleasant time with Al learning about the boat, to the unpleasant incident of the motor quitting and having the shop take care of the problem on a holiday weekend, we now know we made the right decision. Aqua Patio and Honda are very fortunate to have you as a dealer. We bought the right boat and motor from the right marina to be used in the Lake of the Ozarks. Thanks again for all you have done. We are looking forward to this spring and a safe boating season in a great boat.

Sharon Osgood

Boat Sales Customer

If you buy a boat get it from these guys, TOP-NOTCH People.

Rick Smith

Satisfied Boat Motor Repair Customer

I am very late in writing this, and had planned on filling out a satisfaction survey, but unfortunately, my father in law, who had the work done on his pontoon didn't provide me with the work order number (he doesn't use computers). However, on June 18th we dropped off his pontoon to have you look at a very rough running motor. Previous attempts with another service source on the Lake resulted in a bill of over $1,000, and a new computer that was never used, and a engine still running bad. My family was visitng Steve Leyda for the week, and not having the pontoon working was going to make this a major disappointment for our vacation. I don't recall the individuals's name who helped us, but almost immediately he found a contributing cause while we were there, and when we returned to take the pontoon on Thursday, the result was a excellent running Honda engine and a bill that was most reasonable. My purpose for writing was to thank you again for your friendly, courteous and effective service work, and for helping Steve Leyda and my family have a wonderful week on the lake.... You will be our source of furture service work! Sincerely

Joe & Mary Bianco

Satisfied Marine Service Customer

I've had work done at other marinas and G & G is by far the best!!!!!!

Emery Saladin

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Thanks to the shop for the fast service. PS. My neighbors were shocked at how fast you got there to fix the steering.


Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Thank You. You all are classy folks.

Mike Bender

Satisfied Boat Sales Customer - Clearwater Condos

Larry, I just wanted to let you know what a great staff you have at G & G. Everyone is so polite and helpful. You, Penny, and Aaron worked in harmony to make the purchase and delivery of my Hurricane SD 237 as quick and painless as possible. (Sorry if I left anyone out) Penny is a trooper. I couldn't get her riled if I wanted to. I think she takes good care of your best interests. Aaron appears to me to be a rising young star, seems to be very knowledgeable and very accomodating. I have dealt with Steve in service a couple times with my old boat, and he also seems to be very good at what he does. All in all, a great job by a great team. Thanks for your patience with me and I look forward to a long relationship.

Doug Robinson

Satisfied Boat Maintenance Customer

What I liked best about my recent service experience was; Steve’s quick attention to accomplishing the work and Keith’s postive response to my request for a print out of my boat’s service history.

Gary Haegele

Satisfied Boat Maintenance Customer

Very good service, like the way they did normal procedures without addons and with a cost effective maintenance approach.

Scott Wingenbach

Satisfied Marina Customer

Providing service convenient to the customer tremendous! Great value.

Caroll Vogel

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

The service area was clean and organized. The people are great to work with.

Ed Sommerlath

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Steve did a great job on finding the problem and more importantly finding the solution. The job was completed on time and as promised.

Stan LaSota

Satisfied Marine Repair Customer

Service department tells you whats going on and what is necessary to correct any problems, along with a very accurate estimate.

Al Dothage

Satisfied Marine Service Customer

Consistent excellent service.

Don Edris

Satisfied Marine Service Customer

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Promised to diagnose it on Saturday. It was not only diagnosed, but was also fixed and ready for us to enjoy our boat on the lake.

Jack Carey

Satisfied Boat Maintenance Customer

On time; technicians were efficient and did an excellent job, but I’ve been around there for 20+ years so I always both expected and received extraordinary service.

Martin Brown

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

I know I can trust the service staff to do the work right and on time.

Mike Brouwer

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

You have very qualified service people.

Dave Martella

Satisfied Boat Maintenance Customer

Steve, Keith Raven, Penny, everyone I’ve had contact with at G & G is super. Even though my boat is a dozen years old and I got it from another dealer, I’m treated as though I bought a brand new one from you guys. Hey – maybe the next boat will be! Thanks for the the great service, there’s no place on the lake I’d rather go.

Chris Chancellor

Satisfied Marina Customer

Friendly staff.

Steve Compton

Satisfied Boat Maintenance Customer

I have used GG for all maintenance and repairs. Stafff knowledge and couteous service is the key.

Robert Wallin

Satisfied Customer

Showed up on time…gave us good advise on our new boat.

Marty Meyers

Satisfied Boat Service Customer

We setup the appointment several weeks ago and you folks took care of it the week you said you would. We were able to pay after the service was completed.

David Brasher

Satisfied Boat Service Customer

Felt valued as a customer.

Scott Frandsen - Fire Chief

Mid County Fire Protection District

Dear Mr Goudy,Just a short note to tell you how much we appreciate all of the work your company preformed in getting our Fireboat back in service. Our boats are critical to our mission in providing fire and rescue services on the lake and your assistance allowed us to be back in service in a short time. We appreciate all that you did to assure that we were getting the right motors for our service type, that you were available to answer all questions that we had, worked at getting the best possible price for the motors and last but not least the exemplary work that was done by your shop in rigging the boat. I would especially like to thank Steve for all of his hard work, training and guidance throughout this project. It is comforting to me to know we have such an outstanding vendor in our area to do business with.We look forward to a continued relationship with your company as you assist us with repair and maintenance issues on both of the fireboats in our fleet.I would happily recommend your company to anyone that may ask. If our organization or I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, thanks for all that you have done for our department.

Steve Romsey

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Thank you for all the good service provided us on our boat this year. It is pleasure to work with you guys.Thank you, Again

Dave Brown

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Steve and Keith are both great, very customer oriented and great at what they do.

Ed Huneke

Satisfied Boat Repair Customer

Your honesty is to be commended.

Gary Mead

Satisfied Marine Repair Customer

Your service is great, best we have ever had. Best bunch of people, clean, organized and explained everything. EXCELLENT!

Dean Kerr

Satisfied Boat Maintenance Customer

Larry and Steve are about as good as it gets for customer service. I brought them a 30 year old bass boat for a repower, and they completed the work exactly as quoted, not a penny more. Their years of experience shined as they both gave me expert advice.There was absolutely NO push back when I contacted them abut a minor boat handling issue. They scheduled me in a few days, listened closely to my explanation of the problems, made a minor change to the engine heighth, and my boat handles almost perfect now.I though I was just getting a new Yamaha and guages, but the service techs also detailed my boat buffing the fiberglass and removing all the dog hair and the "exploded fish" from the carpet.G & G has my business, and by the way I LOVE MY YAMAHA VMAX SHO.Dean Kerr, Racket MO1988 Ranger 363v Comanche, 150 Yamaha VMax Sho

James Miller

Satisfied Marina Customer

You folks have serviced my boat for the past 12 years. My wife and I live in Iowa and only come down once a month. I had my boat serviced towards the end of March and it ran fine driving back to Clearwater. My wife and I took it out yesterday April 26th and it started to run rough. We babied it up to G & G and Steve diagnosed it in about 10 seconds. He came out and put new spark plugs in it and also educated me on proper maintenance and operation. My wife and I were very grateful for him to take the time late in the day to fix us up. He's a super good guy and you have a very fine company. Kind Regards, Jim and Nancy Miller
Testimonials – G and G Marina (2024)


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