What Happened to Forsen? Reddit Users Discuss His Relationship With Nani! (2024)

‘What happened to Forsen?’ is currently trending as many of his viewers believe he is not the same person anymore. And some Reddit users believe his split with Nani (Nina) is the reason.

Forsen (real name: Sebastian Hans Eli Fors) is a Swedish Twitch streamer who has over 1.7 million followers on the platform. His main area of success was broadcasting video games, especially Hearthstone, and eventually other types of gaming content. He is well-known for both his participation in the competitive Hearthstone scene and his lively and sometimes amusing streaming style.

He rose to popularity due to his involvement in Hearthstone competitions and his consistent placement on the ladder. He also started the “Forsen Boys” community, which has a sizable Twitch following. His following increased because of the adoption of many catchphrases and memes related to his streams, like “Okay, champion” and “forsenE.”

If you’ve watched his streams in recent months, you might have noticed that he does not appear to be the same person he was a few years ago. A lot of viewers have been wondering what really happened to him. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Reddits Users Speculate What Has Happened to Forsen!

There is no doubt that Forsen looks to be super unmotivated and silent now, unlike how he used to be a few years ago. He does not interact and talk like he used to. Taking the subject to Reddit, one person addressed,

so im not really a forsen viewer but i tune into his streams once in a while and he just seems super unmotivated and quiet compared to the old forsen i feel like hes not talking or interacting with chat anymore, has something personal happened to him or is he just exhausted from streaming

What Happened to Forsen? Reddit Users Discuss His Relationship With Nani! (1)Reddit users believe Forsen has split with Nani.
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While the Twitch streamer has not made any clarifications, some Reddit users have made assumptions about what might have happened. Many of his fans believe his break-up with his girlfriend, Nina (often regarded as Nani), is the reason his behavior has changed. Nina used to appear frequently in Forsen’s stream a few years ago. All of a sudden, her appearance is nowhere to be seen and Forsen has never addressed why she does not appear in his streams anymore.

Addressing the subject, one Reddit user wrote,

I never really watched too many of Nina’s streams, although whenever Forsen made an appearance I took some time to see how things were going with them. It seemed great.

All that being said, her falling off the face of the Earth deleting all her social media and even her Twitch doesnt seem like a good sign. How long has it been now, approaching 2 years now? She likely wanted a clean break and didn’t want autists here harassing her, and frankly I don’t blame her.

The point of this post is to make a once and for all acknowledgement that they’re likely seperated. I feel saddened even typing this, but looking at posts on this sub and the constant jokes of Nina never existing hurts.

As mentioned earlier, he has never mentioned having anything wrong with him. Therefore, it would be unwise to speculate about his personal life without any indications.

What Happened With Forsen and Nani?

While we’re certain Forsen and Nani (Nina) do not have the same relationship as they used to have, we’re unsure what really happened between them. While some people believe Forsen caught her cheating, others believe Nani left him as she didn’t want to become a public figure.

What Happened to Forsen? Reddit Users Discuss His Relationship With Nani! (2)Forsen and Nani.
Image Source: Reddit

It’s true Nani does not appear in his stream anymore. However, neither of them has ever hinted at what happened between them. It appears both of them do not want their private life to be discussed with the public.

Regardless of what the truth is, it is important to note that all of the given information is solely based on our speculation. We will get back to you as soon as we get any further updates about their relationship.

What Happened to Forsen? Reddit Users Discuss His Relationship With Nani! (3)

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What Happened to Forsen? Reddit Users Discuss His Relationship With Nani! (2024)


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